We offer classes at 6 levels from starter to advanced, all taught by native English speakers.

We offer training for those wishing to take external English exams such as IELTS or TOEFL, and we also give training in Business English.
We can also create specific training just for you. Are you a lawyer and want to develop your legal English? We can design a programme for you.
Are you a medical professional and wish to improve your medical English? We will create something for you.
Are you a banker? A hotel manager? A tour guide? An engineer? Just ask us ...


Anglosphere is a place where you can come every weekday afternoon with your English speaking friends and not be afraid or embarrassed to use your English. Play games, get involved in activities, participate in discussions, and chat with one another or with one of us over a cup of coffee.
It is a warm, friendly setting where people can practise English informally, develop relationships, learn from one another and from the native English speakers on hand.


We run events to coincide with special occasions that are common to the English-speaking world: Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day and Easter. In addition, we would like to give you a flavour of celebrations that are specific to different countries. Can you guess which two English-speaking countries celebrate Anzac Day? What happens on St Patrick’s Day? Have you ever wondered what an American or Canadian Thanksgiving celebration is like? Come and find out! We want to give you a cultural and culinary experience to match the occasion.


For those interested in doing one of our courses we offer a free placement test to find your level of English. Our test takes about 40 minutes, and we can usually give you the results within a few minutes.


Recognising that people with a knowledge of English need to use their English to improve it and keep it current, we hold regular evening discussion groups in which participants develop their ability to express themselves while discussing interesting topics. This is primarily for clients who work and can't attend our afternoon Conversation Club


Enormous resources are available in English on the World Wide Web. To supplement this and to increase the reading ability of those who come to us, we offer a library of English books: classics, history books, biographies, novels, children’s books and much more …


In addition to our open classes, we offer private tuition for those who want a more personal service. We can then teach you exactly what you want to learn. Please contact us for more information.


If you are a native English speaker living in Morocco, or hoping to spend some time here in the future, we can help you in your transition to Moroccan culture and introduce you to the diverse and fascinating languages of North Africa. Welcome!


First impressions are often the lasting ones. Make a good impression on your English speaking clients, customers and beneficiaries.
Get us to check your English messages, menus and marketing. We can even write them for you!