About Anglosphere

We at AngloSphere recognise the enormous impact that English language and culture have made on our world. English has become the international language of communication and its use is continuing to expand rapidly.


Many people in Agadir already know some English. If you live or work in Agadir, our aim is to bring the English language and the cultures of English-speaking countries to you, in a way that you can touch, taste, see and hear. Our training services are for people who don’t yet know any English or those who already know some English – to help you develop your English even further. Even if you are a beginner at English we provide classes that will help you quickly understand the basics, so that you can get involved with all of our activities and events.


We offer formal classes at six different levels, conversation times, discussion groups, private tuition, spelling practice, plus workshops for public speaking and business English. We have everything you need to take your English to the next level!